Our Mission

The Foundation for GAIA is an international foundation with a global outlook that operates worldwide. It is non-profit-making, non-governmental and non-denominational, with its headquarters located in the UK.

For over 35 years, the Foundation for Gaia has been fighting for environmental justice and sustainability by holding governments and corporations accountable. Since 1983, the Foundation has called for human rights to include the right to live within a balanced bio-system, where the health of that bio-system is seen as integral to the flourishing of human life.

The Foundation beliefs that collaboration makes for stronger and more durable impact. It works closely with other NGOs and with indigenous communities who share a spiritual, cultural, social and economic relationship with their traditional lands. Our work includes a focus on human rights, the development of clean energy mechanisms, the promotion of sustainable resource use and environmentally friendly recycling and waste processes that respect health, sustainability, environment, climate and existing local communities. 

The Foundation for Gaia works in partnership with a variety of groups around the world.  We support the work of grass-roots organisations, as well as facilitating representation  of NGOs at international forums such as at the United Nations and its various bodies in New York, Geneva or Vienna as well as at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). We work ceaselessly, with our partners, to put climate, environmental and human rights issues on the international agenda in an effort to achieve an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable and equitable world.

The Foundation for Gaia works to secure the sustainability of our planet through urging States to protect and respect the complex life-support systems of the planet. Our work also includes an inclusion and respect of traditional cultures that include an approach to the living natural world through their sacred traditions, sites and ceremonies .